86% Of Users Prefer This Smartwatch Over The Big Brands

“Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a smartwatch?”

This is the new Smartwatch everyone in the United States is talking about in 2020. We finally understood why…

People are overpaying for smartwatches. Major tech companies are charging outrageous prices because of their well known brands and expensive marketing budgets. But now, one tech company is changing the game.

This company is Spade & Co and it’s found a way to build an incredible health smartwatch for a fraction of what big brands are charging. And it has features that the big brands don’t even have...

Why Is Spade & Co The Perfect Smartwatch For You?

The Spade & Co Health Smartwatch has all you need to keep you healthy and fit throughout the day. It monitors your heart rate 24/7. It counts your steps and your activity. It tracks your sleep. It tracks 14 sports such as walking, running, cycling, yoga, etc. It reminds you to stand when you have been sitting for too long. It helps you breath with deep breathing exercises.

While most smartwatches run out of battery after just 1 or 2 days, the battery in the Spade & Co Health Smartwatch will last for several weeks in a single charge!

How Much Does The Spade & Co Health Smartwatch Cost?

The most known brands charge up to $749 for smartwatches with features similar to the Spade & Co Health Smartwatch, even if they battery lasts 10 times less. The Spade & Co Health Smartwatch normally retails for $160, which is a steal compared to the big brands.

However, they are currently running a special sale: You can get the Spade & Co Health Smartwatch for just $59.99.

Click here to claim a discounted Spade & Co Health Smartwatch (if it's still available) >>

How Can They Charge So Little?

Spade & Co’s mission is to empower and inspire everyone to live a healthier, more active life. Not only they are cutting the middle man thanks to their innovative direct-to-consumer model, they also save money because they are not running expensive TV or billboard ads. In other words, they are passing the savings to their customers. They believe price should not be a barrier to improving health, and they are sticking to their words!

How long do they take to ship? Do they offer a return policy?

Buying online can sometimes be painful. Many brands are shipping from China and don't let you return products. Spade & Co is different.

Because they are based in the USA, Spade & Co delivers products in 2-3 days.

What if you’re not fully satisfied? No problem. You have 30 days to return your product for a full refund.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

If you care about health and don’t want to break the bank on a new smartwatch, there is no better deal out there. Spade & Co Health Smartwatch was made just for people like you.

Where Can I Buy the Spade & Co Health Smartwatch?

Get your Spade & Co Health Smartwatch from the official website here.

UPDATE: It looks like the time-limited offer where you can get the Spade & Co Health Smartwatch for half the price is still valid. However, it will end soon.